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The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ® was developed to show the differences between people in the way they take in information and come to decisions. It looks at the original concepts of introversion and extraversion as where people get their energy from rather than the more common understanding of the words as they are used now. The final aspect of the questionnaire is the side of the personality that people present to the outside world.

I am qualified to administer the MBTI® personality indicator. It is a useful for people at a variety of stages in life.

  • I work with young people who are starting out in a career who find the feedback from the questionnaire useful in deciding what areas of work might be suitable for their type, or what they will need to take account of in their choice of career with regard to their personality.

  • Those returning to work after a break find the feedback useful to help them decide whether they want to return to the same area of work they did before or whether a change would be more appropriate.

  • People in mid-life who are considering a career change find the feedback useful in deciding what to do next.

  • Those who just want to understand themselves and other people better

The feedback from the questionnaire can help you decide where to go from here!

The feedback is based entirely on the results of the questionnaire, the theory on which the MBTI is based, our discussions during the session, and is non-judgmental. It is a way to find out for yourself and answer your own questions using the new information about yourself that becomes clearer as we work together.

Combined with the Alexander Technique, the MBTI® adds a deeper psychological aspect to the physical side of the Alexander Technique, creating an all-encompassing way to increase personal awareness and enable choice and freedom from being a slave to unknown habits.

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