Events, courses and places where I am working in the near future

Workshops for people and horses at High House Centre, Staveley, Cumbria LA8 9QX in 2017

The series of one day, themed workshops are aimed at people wanting to help themselves and their horses and have an opportunity to work with the beautiful Seren Arabians at High House Centre in the glorious Lake District. Check out these beautiful horses

An Introduction to Alexander Technique and Tellington TTouch Training

15th/16th July and repeated on 23rd/24th September 2017
2-day workshop run over a weekend

In this course, we will look more generally at how you can look after yourself in everyday life. You will learn aspects of the Alexander Technique and TTouch for yourself, and some TTouch bodywork for horses that can be applied to other animals as well.

Day 1 - 10am - 4pm
Introducing how the Alexander Technique and TTouch can help you in your daily life. We will explore our own tension patterns and work with the horses to see how they also hold tension. I will show you aspects of the Alexander Technique and TTouch that can help you help yourself overcome these habitual patterns that often cause discomfort and strain in daily life.

Day 2 - 10am - 4pm
Building on Day 1, you will be introduced to more ways of helping yourself to function with greater ease and with less strain in your daily life. Working with the horses and using careful observation of ourselves and the horses, we can see how the work helps them and us feel more calm and at ease.

You will be encouraged to create a journal of your experience over the weekend that you can continue in the future.

This course is open to people who have their own horses and those who don’t but are reasonably comfortable being around horses.

Flexibility, Confidence and Coordination for you and your horse

16th/17th September 2017
2-day workshop run over a weekend

This course is designed to help you and your horse be more flexible, confident and coordinated.

Day 1 10am to 4pm
Focussing mainly on you, you will learn how to look after yourself while riding and working with your horse on the ground. Everything we do will also help you feel better and more in control at work and at home. Ideal if you suffer from back pain when sitting at work or when riding or working at the stables. The day will also include tips on easing tension that you might feel when riding so that you feel more confident and calm.

Day 2 10am to 4pm
Focussing mainly on the horse but starting off with reminders of what we did on Day 1. You will learn elements of Tellington TTouch Training for horses appropriate for your horse to help him or her be more flexible and coordinated. We will work with the older equine residents of High House who really appreciate the work! This course includes working outside in the arena doing groundwork with the horses.
These day workshops combine Alexander Technique and TTouch with a sense of fun to create a memorable and invaluable event.

The events are for you if any of these apply to you ...
  • You are not as flexible as you once were!
  • You are interested in how the Alexander Technique and TTouch can help you
  • You have aches and pains or feel tense while riding or working with horses on the ground
  • You would like your horse to be more flexible, coordinated and focussed on his/her work
  • You want to build a better relationship with your horse, and be more confident
  • You would like to find out how TTouch can help you and your horse in so many ways
  • Open to people without their own horse who are comfortable being around horses

Small groups of no more than 6 people to create a focused, friendly atmosphere enabling participants to work in pairs and 3’s to learn from and support each other.

These two day events cost £120 per person which includes

  • All tuition
  • Refreshments (bring own lunch)
  • Access to the wonderful Seren Arabian horses
  • Email support after the event to help you apply what you have learned to your own horses
  • And, weather permitting, the most fabulous views of the Cumbrian Lake District!

There will be plenty of time during each day to discuss how you transfer what you are learning to your daily life and work with your own horses.

For each day you need to bring your own lunch and clothing appropriate for working outside in the arena, including gloves for doing in-hand work.

Cancellation policy
Payment to be made in full on booking.
Cancellations made up to 14 days before the event receive a full refund. Cancellations from 13 to 5 days before the event receive 50% refund. Cancellations within 5 days of the event receive no refund.

An introduction to Tellington TTouch Training for horses - no date set yet!
One day workshop from 10am to 4pm


This workshop will teach you the basics of Tellington TTouch Training for horses. We will cover the underpinning principles of working with horses in this way, and learn some practical ways to help your horse, including both ground work and bodywork appropriate for your horse.

This workshop is open to people who own their own horse and those who don’t but would like to learn about TTouch

Working with Young Horses - confidence, balance and clear communication - not happening in 2017
2-day workshop

This is a weekend workshop giving plenty of time to explore working with young horses using TTouch Training bodywork and ground work to give them the best start in life. Time to practice with the wonderful young Seren Arabians to try out your new skills.

Day 1 10am to 4pm
Focussing on how we stay calm and focussed on what we are doing so that we can send clear messages to the young horse.

Day 2 10am to 4pm
Building on Day 1 and including plenty of time to explore and practice with the Seren Arabian youngsters, we will work on ways to help your young horse be more balanced, coordinated and calm.

Contact me on to book your place on the above workshop.

Cancellation policy
Payment to be made in full on booking.
Cancellations made up to 14 days before the event receive a full refund. Cancellations from 13 to 5 days before the event receive 50% refund. Cancellations within 5 days of the event receive no refund.


Jigsaw at Mawdesley, Nr Ormskirk, Lancashire - The Mawdesley Equine and People’s Trust

Alexander Technique, TTouch sessions and Pose Running. Next visit on Monday 10th July and again on Thursday 3rd August 2017

I regularly visit Jigsaw (Mawdesley Equine and People Trust), Off Hall Lane, Mawdesley, Ormskirk, Lancs. The volunteers have really taken to TTEAM and use it with the horses at the Centre. We also run Therapy days at Jigsaw on a regular basis, which showcase the various equine therapies used there, including Tellington TTouch training for horses.

Alexander Technique lesson (55 minutes) £40
TTouch for horses session (roughly 90 minutes) £50
Pose Running first session including videoing (2 hours) £60

Contact me to book a session on or phone 07771 602665

Kintaline Farm, Benderloch, near Oban.
11th - 16th May, 11th - 14th September and 7th - 12th December 2017

I am visiting Kintaline Farm, Benderloch, near Oban four times in 2017 (the first visit was in February!) When I am there I am available for individual Alexander Technique lessons, Pose Running sessions, Tellington TTouch Training for Horses sessions, and MBTI feedback. I can also run workshops in the Oban area in TTouch, Alexander Technique for horse riders, and Alexander Technique and Pose Running for runners.

Saturday 13th May, 10am - 1pm: Tellington TTouch Training for Horses half day workshop on TTouch groundwork at Tullich Riding Centre, near Kilmelford. £30 per person with a horse, or £15 to observe.

Workshops and individual sessions for Alexander Technique, MBTI, Pose Running and TTEAM can be booked direct with me on 07771 602665 or email or via Jill Bowis at Kintaline Farm on 01631 720223 email

Alexander Technique lesson (50 minutes) £35
Tellington TTouch Training for horses session (roughly 90 minutes) £50
Pose Running first session including videoing (2 hours) £60
MBTI feedback session (feedback 1hr 15mins, plus time beforehand to fill in and score questionnaire) £50


Tellington TTouch Training for Horses Introductory Workshop

A full day workshop to introduce you to the benefits that Tellington TTouch Training can bring you and your horse. It will include some elements of Alexander Technique to help you be more aware of your own body and how that can affect your horse.

When: date to be determined in 2017 10am - 4pm
Where: Cote Hill Riding Centre, Witton Gilbert, Durham DH7 6TT
Cost: £75

To book contact Joanne Forster on 07984 601426 or


The Body in Balance - A Pilates and Alexander Technique Workshop

This fun and interactive day will allow you to discover more about your body and learn techniques for improving how you move both in exercise and in day-to-day activities. Working with Danielle Hone, a wonderful local Pilates teacher, I am weaving aspects of the Alexander Technique into the day; starting with an Active Anatomy session, then being on hand to advise and help participants during Pilates classes led by Danielle. I finish off the day working with participants lying down in semi-supine. Bring your own yoga mat and lunch. All other refreshments provided.

When: To be decided
Where: Arkholme Village Hall, Arkholme, Lancashire
Cost: £50

Contact Danielle direct for booking form - / 07929 204903

Running sessions for individuals and groups in Kendal

These running sessions are designed to be a series, but please feel free to pick and choose those that interest you to create a bespoke package for your group. Each session is designed to help you to take a closer look at your running, use less effort and enjoy it more.
No more than 6 people per group. Cost £40 for the session (divided between attendees).
Each session lasts about an hour. Dates and times arranged to suit your group.
The techniques taught comprise a blend of Pose Running, Alexander Technique and the Sport England Leadership in Running Fitness qualification.

Video analysis of your running.
You will be videoed running and then receive expert analysis of your running style.

Running cadence and breathing.

Techniques for running up hill and down

Sprinting and changing speed made easy

Contact me on to organise a session or series of sessions

Available workshops - contact me to find out more and to set up a workshop and discuss a venue

Half-day (3 hour) workshop for women who want to learn to run for basic fitness

Come and discover that running can be fun in an informal, small group workshop

I will show you how to run so that...

• you avoid injuries and exhaustion
• you improve your basic aerobic fitness gradually and safely
• you enjoy the process and have fun along the way!

£35 per person including refreshments and personal dvd

After a previous course, one happy client wrote;
“I’d been running for a couple of years and have never had any training. I'd
done a few half marathons (for fitness for triathlons and ski touring) and
did not find them enjoyable. I found the course just what I needed to turn
this around - my aim was to enjoy and feel more comfortable running - after
3 weeks I have a better running style, pain free knees and much improved
breathing - overall I am enjoying my running much more. Thanks a million”.


Comfortable Rider, Comfortable Horse workshop at Jigsaw dates to be confirmed subject to interest

A full day workshop entirely focusing on achieving an improved feel in your riding.
The day addresses the comfort of you as a rider, focusing on finding a secure and comfortable seat without strain, and achieving a softer but more effective connection with your horse
This workshop is for all horse riders who want to work on their body awareness and riding position in a new and integrated way.
Places limited to 6 people, cost £60 per person
Contact me for further information and to book at


The Alexander Technique for everyday life! An Alexander Technique workshop

2.5 hour workshop looking at how to...
carry out practical everyday activities without strain
walk with ease
relax and breathe!

Suitable for those new or unfamiliar with AT and those with some experience of the Technique
Cost: £30 per person including refreshments

Improve your running with a careful blend of Pose running and the Alexander Technique

The course consists of a series of 3 two hour evening workshops

Cost: £80 per person.  No less than 4 participants but no more than 6 as I would like to keep it a small select group.  

The course will include
  • an assessment of your current running style (including videoing!)
  • an introduction to the Pose Method of running including various exercises and lots of practice time in the studio (in front of mirrors!) and/or outside
  • elements of the Alexander Technique to help with breathing and relaxing
  • ways to get the most from your stretching regime
  • re-assessment at the end of the course to see how you are getting on and address anything you still need help with
  • email/phone support as required during and after the course

All participants are entitled to a reduced price (£25) individual Alexander Technique lesson during the time of the course and up to one month afterwards, where we can look at any specific aspects of your running on a one-to-one basis.  

MBTI with the Alexander Technique Weekend Workshop

One happened in Kendal in March 2010! ... for future dates or to arrange a tailor-made course email:

Kendal - Evening and Lunchtime Classes - Improve your posture using the Alexander Technique.

Fellside Alexander School, Kendal
Using the principles of the Alexander Technique to help you improve your posture and find poise.

To find out more contact me 07771 602665 or email:

Barrow-in-Furness. Alexander Technique evening class planned for the future subject to demand
Pastures New Health Store, Scott Street, Barrow
Cost £10 per session or £45 for a block of 5 sessions paid in advance

This class will be an introduction to the Alexander Technique, looking at a different aspect of the Technique every week over 10 weeks, with a relaxation and posture theme!
To book a place contact me 07771 602665 or email: