What is the Alexander Technique ?

“First find out if something the person is doing is causing the problem and teach them to stop doing it”
F.M. Alexander

So, all you need to do to help yourself overcome back, neck and shoulder pain might be to stop doing something. Sounds simple? It is... but first you need to know what it is that you are doing that is causing the problem you are experiencing, and then learn not to do it! As an Alexander Technique Teacher, as F.M. Alexander, the originator of the Technique said, it is my job to help you find out what you are doing, and teach you to stop doing it.

“Erica is a brilliant teacher with an infectious enthusiasm for AT who always gets the very best results for her pupils.” Annie D, Kendal

Because of this approach, the Alexander Technique is a re-education rather than a therapy. This is because you learn to change what you are doing which causes pain or discomfort or is preventing freedom of movement. This gives you a tool to use at all times to help yourself, which if applied correctly can provide long-lasting positive benefits. Most people hold some tension in our muscles that we may be unaware of – it is habitual and therefore feels right and normal. It could be that this tension is causing a back or shoulder pain when you sit at a computer or have to stand for any length of time, or is preventing you from moving as freely as you used to.

Erica Donnison Alexander Technique posture back pain Kendal ambleside carlisle Cumbria lancashireAlexander Technique lessons help you notice the tense areas and offer you a way to release the tension and thereby get rid of the pain. Sometimes changing how you hold your muscles can feel wrong and not normal, however, by working with me in a one-to-one lesson, you find that what is normal is not necessarily natural and learn to change for the better.

I was delighted with my series of Alexander Technique lessons with Erica. I was hoping that AT would help with persistent tension headaches, and I was not disappointed - since the lessons, I have been headache-free.” Hazel C, Windermere

Erica Donnison posture back pain Alexander Technique semi-supine, Kendal ambleside carlisle Cumbria lancashirePostural improvements tend to happen without you even trying. The key is finding out what you are doing to cause pain or restricted movement, and allow yourself not to do it. This works with emotional reactions as well and you can learn to notice when you get upset or stressed and learn not to react in your usual way, thereby becoming calmer and more in control of your emotions. In sport and any activity, freedom of movement of the joints allows you to get more efficient use of your muscular fitness, and to enjoy the movement more rather than feeling like you are fighting your body at every step.

Applying the principles of the Alexander Technique to your everyday life can help you reduce your levels of stress. How often do you find yourself rushing to answer the phone as if your life depended on it, or agreeing to do something you didn’t really want to do? Applying the Alexander Technique correctly can help you find a moment to pause and consider your options before reacting.